KuppingerCole Report
By Martin Kuppinger

Modern Identity Fabrics: A Cornerstone of your Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation is ubiquitous. Creating new digital business services changes the way IAM needs to be done. Instead of managing existing applications, IAM has to provide identity services that can be consumed by digital services. Focus is shifting from modern UIs for managing existing applications to APIs that provide the identity services. Modern Identity Fabrics must serve both needs and incorporate an Identity API Platform that delivers the API-based access that is required today.

Commissioned by ForgeRock

1 Introduction

Digital Transformation affects all businesses, and is fundamentally changing IT. Digital Identities are moving to the center of attention in this tran ...

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2 Highlights

  • The concept of Identity Fabrics: A logical architecture for IAM that serves both the requirements of delivering identity services to the digital bus ...
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3 Modern Digital Identity as Business Strategy

Identity Fabrics provide a comprehensive set of IAM capabilities. They support both the management of existing applications and API-based access to id ...

Forward-thinking organizations are beginning to recognize the business opportunity of taking a strategic approach to digital identity. The concept of ...

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4 The Legacy Dilemma

Every organization has legacy software and systems. As organizations plan to implement new digital services, they invariably encounter the Legacy Dile ...

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5 Overcoming the Legacy Dilemma

The concept of using identity services from a central platform is not entirely new – it is a common element in mainframe infrastructures. APIs move ...

However, it is essential to have a comprehensive, stable, consistent API layer on top of the Identity API platform. Businesses should avoid lock-in to ...

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6 ForgeRock: Delivering the Foundation for Building Your Identity Fabric

ForgeRock is an established player in the global IAM market, with a presence in all major regions. In contrast to many of the other vendors in the IAM ...

The ForgeRock Identity Platform

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is an integrated set of standards-based, API-first digital identity solutions that i ...

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7 Time to Value:Operating an Identity Fabric as a Cloud Service

Deployment models for Identity Fabrics are dependent on contextual requirements. There is no mandate for a particular deployment model, and for the mo ...

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8 Action Plan for implementing an Identity API Platform for your Identity Fabric

Setting up an Identity Fabric required defining a comprehensive “big picture” target state that is based on a phased implementation. The later com ...

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