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Advisory Note

Demystifying the Blockchain: What Makes a Blockchain Useful to a Firm?

Blockchain technology – as the hype advertises – can be a value-adding solution for businesses and individuals. However, it is necessary to separate blockchain’s functionality from its fame before a firm can find an appropriate use case. This report deconstructs the main features that make blockchains unique from traditional database software and identify the ways that blockchain can be used to address the preexisting issues in a database. [...]



A Lean Approach on Identity & Access Governance

Identity & Access Governance is a must for every business. Unfortunately, the way it is commonly done today is inefficient and cumbersome. It is latest time to review the approaches on Identity & Access Governance and implement lean concepts that help businesses to comply in an efficient manner, while also effectively mitigating business risks that derive from excessive entitlements. Kleverware IAG is a solution that focuses on such lean approach. [...]



Ein schlanker Ansatz für Identity & Access Governance

Identity & Access Governance ist ein Muss für jedes Unternehmen. Leider ist die Art und Weise, wie es heute gehandhabt wird, ineffizient und schwerfällig. Es ist an der Zeit, die Ansätze zu Identity & Access Governance zu überprüfen und schlanke Konzepte umzusetzen, die Unternehmen helfen, sich effizient an die Vorschriften zu halten und gleichzeitig Geschäftsrisiken, die sich aus überhöhten Ansprüchen ergeben, wirksam zu mindern. Kleverware IAG ist eine Lösung, die sich auf einen solchen schlanken Ansatz konzentriert. [...]


Executive View

Oracle Data Safe

Oracle Data Safe is a cloud-based service that improves Oracle database security by identifying risky configuration, users and sensitive data, which allows customers to closely monitor user activities and ensure data protection and compliance for their cloud databases. [...]