KuppingerCole Report
Market Compass
By Warwick Ashford

SOC as a Service

The KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of the product or service offerings in a certain market segment. This Market Compass covers the Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) market that has emerged and continues to develop in response to demand for security monitoring, analysis, detection, response, and improvement recommendations either instead of or as a supplement to permanent on-premises SOCs.

1 Management Summary

The KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of a market segment and the vendors in that segment. It covers the trends that are influencing t ...

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2 Market Segment

This Market Compass covers a wide range of cloud-based services that are designed to provide organizations with the benefits of an on-premises Securit ...

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2.1 Market Description

The SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) market has developed in the past decade with some key components of these services dating back to the early 2000s. But t ...

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2.2 Market Direction

The SOCaaS market continues to develop in response to market demand in the face of increased quantities and types of cyber threats, and the need to co ...

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2.3 Capabilities

This report describes the basic capabilities that all SOCaaS solutions should support. Not all use cases will require all capabilities in depth. For a ...

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2.3.1 Basic Capabilities

The basic functionality that should be provided by all solutions includes:

Capability Description Relevance
24x7x365 monitoring ...
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2.3.2 Additional/Advanced functionality

SOCaaS providers focusing on SMBs and large enterprises are likely to include additional or more advanced capabilities:

Capabilities Descrip ...
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3 Vendors and Products

The vendors covered by this report provide cloud-based services to enable organizations to deal with security issues in a centralized way through the ...

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3.1 Vendors Covered

  • ConnectWise is a US software and services company founded in 1982 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida that focuses on SMBs. SOCaaS is bundled with t ...
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3.2 Featured Vendors

Selecting a SOCaaS offering can be a challenging task because there will typically be several services that fit an organization’s requirements. This ...

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3.2.1 Featured for support of regulated industries: inSOC

Regulated industries typically have more stringent information access and management, security, and compliance regulations to follow as well as handli ...

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3.2.2 Featured for capabilities: IBM

Although focused on medium to large enterprises and not having a discrete SOCaaS offering, IBM has the widest range of SOCaaS capabilities across on-p ...

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3.2.3 Featured for capabilities: Proficio

As a 10-year-old company, Proficio was early to the SOCaaS market with its highly scalable platform. As a result, Proficio has a wide range of mature ...

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3.2.4 Featured for support of SMBs: ConnectWise

A key feature of SOCaaS is that it offers enterprise-level centralized security monitoring and analysis capabilities at an affordable and predictable ...

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3.3 Vendors to Watch

Besides the vendors covered in detail, we observe some other vendors in the market that have SOCaaS capabilities. A few of these vendors have decided ...

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4 Ratings at a Glance

This section provides an overview of the various products we have analyzed within this KuppingerCole Market Compass on SOCaaS solutions. Based on our ...

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5 Product/Service Details

Spider Graphs

In addition to the ratings for our standard categories of security, deployment, interoperability, and usability, we add look at specif ...

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5.1 ConnectWise

ConnectWise is a US software and services company founded in 1982 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida that focuses on small and medium-sized businesse ...

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5.2 CriticalStart

CriticalStart is a private US cybersecurity company founded in 2012 and based in Plano, Texas with offices in 16 other US cities. SOCaaS is provided a ...

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5.3 CyberHat

CyberHat is an Israeli cybersecurity firm founded in 2013 and based in Tel Aviv with an office in New York in the US. CyberHat offers a dedicated, tec ...

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5.4 Cygilant

Cygilant is a US cybersecurity services company founded in 2001 as EiQ Networks. The company expanded its offerings and rebranded in 2017. Cygilant is ...

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5.5 Cysiv

Cysiv is a cybersecurity monitoring and management services company founded in 2018 and based in Irving, Texas, with offices in Ottawa, Canada and Cai ...

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5.6 IBM

IBM is a US cloud platform and cognitive solutions technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York. It is one of the world’s big ...

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5.7 inSOC

inSOC is a dedicated SOCaaS provider founded in 2019 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California with another office in Edinburgh, UK. inSOC services ...

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5.8 Open Systems

Open Systems is a Swiss IT services company founded in 1990, with headquarters in Zurich and Redwood City, California. The company also has offices in ...

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5.9 Proficio

Proficio is a dedicated SOCaaS company founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Diego, California, with SOCs in San Diego, Barcelona and Singapore, an ...

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5.10 Secureworks

Secureworks is a US cybersecurity company founded in 1999 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, with SOCs in the US, UK, and Japan. Secureworks meets market ...

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