KuppingerCole Report
Market Compass
By Graham Williamson

Dynamic Authorization Management

The KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of the product or service offerings in a selected market segment. This Market Compass covers the Dynamic Authorization Management market and provides a comparison of the main product offerings. Dynamic Authorization externalizes access control decisions to a centrally-managed authorization service that evaluates access policies in real-time to permit or deny a user’s access request to resources.
By Graham Williamson

1 Management Summary

This KuppingerCole Market Compass addresses the market segment for Dynamic Authorization Management (DAM). DAM is part of the Access Management market ...

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2 Market Segment

This Market Compass covers the dynamic authorization market segment. This is a special area of interest to organizations with sophisticated access con ...

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2.1 Market Description

There are several drivers for the deployment of dynamic authorization technology:

  • The desire for common policy deployment across an enterprise inc ...
  • Policy decision points (PDP)
    The product must be policy driven. This gives the product the capability of supporting a central policy store th ...

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2.2 Market Direction

Digital identity management and controlled access are becoming increasingly important within organizations. The reliance on identity data is beyond ac ...

Figure 2 illustrates our view of how the market will evolve over the near term. The hype associated with dynamic authorization management is clearly o ...

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2.3 Capabilities

The basic functionality that should be provided by all products/services in the sector includes:

Capability Description Relevance
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3 Vendors and Products

The vendors in this market covered by this report are those that provide an offering that allows customers to externalize their authorization service. ...

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3.1 Vendors Covered

The vendors selected for this Market Compass are as follows:

  • Atos – is a global leader in digital transformation services, headquartered in Fran ...
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3.2 Featured Vendors

Selecting a product for deployment can be a challenging task since there will typically be several solutions that fit an organization’s requirements ...

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3.2.1 Featured for Capabilities: Axiomatics

The Dynamic Authorization Suite offers an extensive solution: the PDP functionality supports a variety of deployment environments, multiple PEP code s ...

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3.2.2 Featured for Innovation: PlainID

PlainID has focused on the provision of an easy-to-use yet functional authorization service. Its strength is in the policy administration that makes t ...

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3.2.3 Featured for Usability: NextLabs

The NextLabs Dynamic Authorization Platform takes a unique 4GL approach to policy administration and provides strong analytics to support compliance r ...

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3.2.4 Featured for Usability: Symphonic Software

Symphonic is focused on ease-of-use by business users. It incorporates a powerful abstraction layer which facilitates the use of business terms within ...

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3.3 Vendors to watch

In addition to the vendors covered in detail in this report, we observe the following vendors that are not considered providers of a complete DAM solu ...

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4 Ratings at a glance

Based on our evaluation, a comparative overview of the ratings of all the products covered in this document is shown in table 1.

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Product SecurityInteroperabilityUsabilityDeploymentPolicy AdminArchitectureStandardsTarget SystemsGovernance
Legend: criticalweakneutralpositivestrong positive
Atos DirX Access
Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization Suite
EmpowerID IAM Suite
Jericho Systems EnterSpace
NextLabs Control Center
PlainID Policy-based Access Control
Symphonic Software
WSO2 API Gateway

5 Product/Service Details

Spider graphs

In addition to the ratings for our standard categories we add a spider chart for every vendor for quick assimilation of product streng ...

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5.1 Atos

Atos is a well-established global IT services supplier headquartered in France with operations in 73 countries worldwide. In recent times Atos Origin ...

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5.2 Axiomatics

Axiomatics has pioneered the development of attribute-based access control. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden but has a major presence ...

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5.3 EmpowerID

Based in Ohio (USA), EmpowerID offers a complete IAM solution for user provisioning with password management, group management with role optimization, ...

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5.4 Jericho Systems

Jericho Systems is a long-term participant in the dynamic authorization sector. Established in 2002 Jericho Systems Corporation has built an enviable ...

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5.5 NextLabs

NextLabs is a long-term supplier of a dynamic authorization management solution with a highly functional product offering for externalized decision ma ...

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5.6 PlainID

PlainID was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Israel. The company focuses on delivering fine-grained authorization functionality that scales for ...

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5.7 Symphonic

Symphonic Software is a UK-based company with a growing global customer-base. The company has many years’ experience in the development of policy-ba ...

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5.8 WSO2

WSO2 is a specialist supplier of gateway technology headquartered in Mountain View, CA. The company has built a formidable global presence in the API ...

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