KuppingerCole Report
By Paul Fisher

Understanding Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is one of the most important areas of risk management and data security in any organization. Privileged accounts have traditionally been given to administrators and other users within an organization to access critical data and applications. But, changing business practices and digital transformation has meant that privileges accounts have become more numerous and widespread. If these are not managed securely, businesses are exposed to the risks of abandoned accounts, unmanaged shared accounts and criminals and hackers are becoming more adept at stealing and using credentials for privileged accounts to gain access. To reduce this risk, and uphold stringent GRC obligations within an organization, a cost effective PAM solution is essential.
By Paul Fisher

Commissioned by WALLIX

1 Introduction

Digital transformation is no longer optional for businesses and organizations if they wish to stay competitive and deliver greater value to customers. ...

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1.1 The increased threat from cyber criminals

As digital has increased the threat landscape through greater levels of data available and the number of access points so have the number and type of ...

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2 Highlights

  • The importance of privilege accounts
  • Why all organizations and businesses need Privileged Access Management
  • Why privilege accounts are highly p ...
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3 Understanding PAM in detail

The theory behind privileged accounts is sound. By restricting access to certain data or parts of the IT infrastructure to delineated people, you have ...

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4 PAM and Compliance Demands

Compliance obligations such as GDPR and others affect all companies and organizations whatever their size. Data stolen or systems corrupted via poor m ...

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5 Cost of ownership and ROI

Cost must be considered in any IT investment but with a security related investment calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be more difficul ...

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6 The PAM Access Manager: featured and user experiences

Ease-of-use and convenience are prime considerations when choosing a PAM solution. Digital transformation has made the need for fast access to data an ...

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7 The WALLIX Bastion PAM Solution

WALLIX Bastion is a PAM suite that includes the following modules: Discovery, Session Manager, Password Manager, Access Manager, Application-to-Applic ...

Designed as an integrated PAM platform, activity recording and session monitoring have been the traditional focus and one of the major strengths of th ...

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8 Recommendations

Having decided that a PAM solution is needed for the organization there are several important steps to take in preparation to ensure the right solutio ...

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