KuppingerCole Report
By John Tolbert

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

Fraud reduction is a paramount concern in many industries today. Finance, as well as healthcare and retail companies, are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. New regulations in the financial industry are coming into force in many areas around the world. These regulations aim to improve security and reduce fraud. OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication provides strong and multi-factor authentication and transactional risk analysis capabilities that can help businesses strengthen their security posture, meet the technical challenges posed by these new regulations, and improve their customers’ experience.

Commissioned by OneSpan

1 Executive Summary

The financial services industry faces a number of increasingly difficult challenges today. Organizations in this industry have often been at the foref ...

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2 Highlights

  • Financial cybercrime is on the rise, and attacks are getting more sophisticated.
  • Many bank executives are unaware if they have been breached and i ...
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3 Cybercrime in the Financial Industry

Cybercrime is a leading cause of loss in the financial industry and this is the biggest concern for bank executives. Account takeovers are an especial ...

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4 Finance Sector Regulations Driving Changes in Cybersecurity

Regulations in the financial sector are improving transaction security by requiring technical features such as MFA and risk analytics. New York’s Cy ...

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4.1 New York Cybersecurity Requirements Regulation (NYCRR)

NYCRR sketches out some high-level objectives for cybersecurity programs without “being overly prescriptive”. Financial service companies, defined ...

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4.2 PSD2

The main goals of PSD2 are:

  • Contribute to a more integrated and efficient European payments market
  • Improve the level playing field for payment ...
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5 Evolution of Risk-based Authentication

Risk-based authentication for higher identity assurance is fundamental to reducing risk of fraud and data loss in the financial sector. Stronger authe ...

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5.1 Username/Password

The problems with username/password authentication are well-known. Both usernames and passwords are easily and often forgotten. Password resets are ex ...

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5.2 KBA

Knowledge-based authentication is still a widely-used authentication method, even in finance, despite its inherent security problems. KBA involves set ...

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5.3 Token-based Authenticators

Fortunately, better alternatives to passwords exist. Many enterprises have deployed smart cards, USB tokens, or other types of strong authentication ...

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5.4 MFA

Multi-factor authentication covers a wide-range of authenticators. Clients of financial services must use strong/MFA methods to access financial resou ...

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5.5 Risk-based Authentication and/or Transaction Risk Analysis

Many CIAM and IAM solutions on the market today support the principles of MFA and SCA. Companies that have to comply with NYCRR’s MFA or PSD2’s SC ...

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6 OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication for Financial Use Cases

The OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution provides risk-based adaptive authentication functionality, risk analytics and mobile applicat ...

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6.1 OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication for MFA

OneSpan supports many authentication mechanisms including hardware OTP; email/SMS OTP; Mobile biometrics – iOS and Samsung native apps, and OneSpan ...

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6.2 OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication for Transactional Risk Analysis

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication provides capabilities that are needed for transactional risk analysis in alignment with NYCRR and PSD2. T ...

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication can help banks and FIs improve the customer experience, detect/mitigate/reduce the risk of loss from fraud ...

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6.3 General Security Considerations

MFA and transactional risk analytics systems do not operate in isolation from other systems. OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication can send even ...

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7 Recommendations

NYCRR is in effect, and PSD2 RTS is fast approaching. This may require major technology insertions for many banks and TPPs. IAM/CIAM infrastructure ma ...

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7.1 Recommendations for Conducting an IAM Maturity Assessment

  • Inventory existing IAM and risk management infrastructure: Does it support MFA? Which authenticators? Does it have sufficiently advanced risk analys ...
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7.2 Recommendations for Meeting NYCRR MFA and PSD2 SCA Requirements

  • Deploy or utilize advanced MFA solutions that offer a good mix of authentication options, particularly emphasizing mobile authenticators. Choose sol ...
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