KuppingerCole Report
Market Compass
By Mike Small

Cloud Access Security Brokers

The KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of the product or service offerings in a certain market segment. This Market Compass covers CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solutions that help to secure the organizational use of cloud services.

1 Management Summary

The KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of a market segment and the vendors in that segment. It covers the trends that are influencing t ...

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2 Market Segment

This Market Compass covers the market segment of CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers). CASBs address the challenges of security and compliance aroun ...

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2.1 Market Description

There are many challenges around the secure and compliant use of cloud services and there are several types of solutions on the market that address di ...

Figure 1 provides an overview of CASB functionality and architecture. It is important to understand the architecture of a CASB solution because this ...

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2.2 Market Direction

The advent of cloud delivered services that were easily available to individuals as well as organizations combined with the prevalence of connected pe ...

The products continued to improve through the use of a hybrid architecture that used inline network controls together with the exploitation of cloud s ...

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2.3 Capabilities

This report describes the basic capabilities that all solutions should support. It then looks in more detail at each of the capabilities. The precis ...

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2.3.1 Basic Functionality

The basic functionality that should be provided by all solutions solution includes:

Capability Description Relevance Discovery Access ...
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2.3.2 Discovery of Cloud Use

Individuals within the organization can use cloud services for organizational purposes without the knowledge of the organization or consideration of t ...

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2.3.3 Cloud Service Access Control

The solutions should enable the organization to control which users can access which cloud services and in what way.

Capability Description ...
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2.3.4 Cloud Data Protection

The solutions should enable the organization to implement security controls over organizational data and that are hosted in the cloud services. This ...

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2.3.5 Compliance

The solution should provide the capability to enforce and demonstrate that the use of cloud services complies with laws and regulations.

Capab ...
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2.3.6 Posture Management

The solution should provide the capability to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in the configuration of cloud services. In this report the prima ...

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3 Vendors & Products

The vendors in this market covered by this report are those with CASB products that match the criteria set out earlier in the report.

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3.1 Vendors Covered

The vendors covered in this report are:

  • Bitglass was founded in 2013 with its HQ in Campbell CA in the USA and with offices worldwide. It offers ...
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3.2 Featured Vendors

All the vendors that we reviewed in this market segment offer strong basic functionality and protection for employee access to SaaS. The differences ...

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3.2.1 Featured for Innovation: Bitglass

One major problem with the deployment of CASB is the need to install agents on devices or as part of a forward proxy. The Bitglass solution leverages ...

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3.2.2 Featured for Access Governance: Forcepoint

The key risks around the use of cloud services relate to the unauthorised use of the services and access to the data they contain. While there are ma ...

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3.2.3 Featured for Integration: Censornet

Censornet’s Autonomous Security Engine (ASE) is a core component of Censornet's single cloud security platform that delivers email security, web sec ...

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3.2.4 Featured for Integrated Data Security – CipherCloud

There are several CASBs with comprehensive capabilities from different vendors. However, many of these are the result of integrating multiple product ...

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3.2.5 Featured for Custom Apps – McAfee

While CASBs provide IT security and compliance teams with visibility and control over SaaS they do not directly cover custom apps. This is becoming a ...

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3.3 Vendors to Watch

Centraya is the European Cloud Access Security Broker produced by e3 AG a Swiss company with offices in Zurich and Frankfurt in Germany. Centraya p ...

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4 Ratings at a Glance

Based on our evaluation, a comparative overview of the ratings of all the products covered in this document is shown in table 1.

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5 Product/Service Details

Spider graphs

In addition to the ratings for our standard categories we add a spider chart for every vendor we rate, looking at specific capabilitie ...

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5.1 Bitglass

Bitglass was founded in 2013 with its HQ in Campbell CA in the USA and with offices worldwide. The Bitglass CASB is part of a Cloud Security Platform ...

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5.2 Censornet

Censornet has its headquarters in Basingstoke. Censornet provides a range of solutions to help with the challenges of managing cloud applications in a ...

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5.3 CipherCloud

CipherCloud has its US headquarters in San Jose CA with offices worldwide. CipherCloud was founded in 2010 with a focus on enabling enterprises in a ...

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5.4 Cisco

Cisco is a worldwide security and networking company founded in 1984. Cisco’s cloud security portfolio includes Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Cloudlock CAS ...

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5.5 Forcepoint

Forcepoint was formed in 2016 as a result of the combination of the Raytheon Cyber Products, Websense and Stonesoft organizations. In 2017 Forcepoint ...

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5.6 Fortinet

Fortinet is a publicly traded cybersecurity company founded in 2000 with headquarters in Sunnyvale CA in the USA. It provides a wide range of network ...

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5.7 McAfee

McAfee, from its foundation in 1987, has a long history in the world of cyber-security. Acquired by Intel in 2010, it was spun back out, becoming Mc ...

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5.8 Microsoft

Microsoft Cloud App Security is based on the Adallom Cloud Access Security Broker which was acquired in 2015. This is fully integrated with other Mic ...

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5.9 Netskope

Netskope, which was founded in 2012, has its headquarters in Santa Clara, CA and offices in San Francisco, Seattle, London, the UK, Australia, India, ...

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5.10 Oracle

Oracle is a major IT software and hardware vendor. In September 2016 Oracle signed an agreement to acquire Palerra. Oracle has invested significantly ...

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5.11 Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks Inc. is a cybersecurity company with a mission to protect our digital way of life through a comprehensive security approach in a wo ...

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5.12 Proofpoint

Proofpoint is a security and compliance company that was founded by Eric Hahn, former CTO of Netscape, founded the company in 2002. The company went p ...

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5.13 Symantec (was acquired by Broadcom Inc.)

In November 2019, Broadcom also acquired Symantec and it now continues to market products under the Symantec brand. This report covers Symantec Cloud ...

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