KuppingerCole Report
Leadership Compass
By John Tolbert

Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms

This report provides an overview of the market for Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms and provides you with a compass to help you to find the solution that best meets your needs. We examine the market segment, vendor service functionality, relative market share, and innovative approaches to providing Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform solutions.

1 Introduction

Fraud is a major cost to businesses worldwide. Multiple reporting sources estimate that total related cybercrime costs will reach $2 trillion globally ...

FRIP solutions also can interoperate with transaction processing systems, evaluating the context of each transaction request against pre-determined po ...

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1.1 Market Segment

The Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform market is mature and growing, with some vendors offering full-featured solutions providing comprehensive fun ...

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1.2 Delivery models

In the Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform market, solutions are generally offered as SaaS. It’s a consumable service, not usually something that ...

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1.3 Required capabilities

We are looking for comprehensive solutions that provide at least 4 of the 6 major areas of functionality areas. These are typically the requirements t ...

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2 Leadership

Selecting a vendor of a product or service must not only be based on the information provided in a KuppingerCole Leadership Compass. The Leadership Co ...

IBM, Transmit Security, and Gurucul top the chart for Fraud Reduction, with excellent and rich feature sets as well as market positions. Broadcom and ...

Product Leadership, or in this case Service Leadership, is where we examine the functional strength and completeness of services.

Arkose Labs, Bro ...

Innovation in FRIP can be interpreted in several ways. Given the disparity in some of the features defined and technology requirements for delivering ...

Broadcom, Gurucul, IBM, Neustar, RSA, Transmit Security, and TransUnion are the Market Leaders for FRIP. It’s noteworthy that five of the six Leader ...

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3 Correlated View

While the Leadership charts identify leading vendors in certain categories, many customers are looking not only for a product leader, but for a vendor ...

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3.1 The Market/Product Matrix

The first of these correlated views contrasts Product Leadership and Market Leadership

Vendors below the line have a weaker market position than expected according to their product maturity. Vendors above the line are sort of “overperf ...

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3.2 The Product/Innovation Matrix

This view shows how Product Leadership and Innovation Leadership are correlated. It is not surprising that there is a pretty good correlation between ...

Vendors below the line are more innovative, vendors above the line are, compared to the current Product Leadership positioning, less innovative.

Ark ...

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3.3 The Innovation/Market Matrix

The third matrix shows how Innovation Leadership and Market Leadership are related. Some vendors might perform well in the market without being Innova ...

Vendors above the line are performing well in the market as well as showing Innovation Leadership; while vendors below the line show an ability to inn ...

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4 Products and Vendors at a glance

This section provides an overview of the various products we have analyzed within this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass on Fraud Reduction Intelligenc ...

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4.1 Ratings at a glance

Based on our evaluation, a comparative overview of the ratings of all the products covered in this document is shown in Table 1.

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In addition, we provide in Table 2 an overview which also contains four additional ratings for the vendor, going beyond the product view provided in t ...

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Vendor Innovativeness Market Position Financial Strength Ecosystem
Legend: criticalweakneutralpositivestrong positive
Arkose Labs
Broadcom Inc.
ID Dataweb
NuData Security
RSA Security
Transmit Security

Table 2 requires some additional explanation regarding the “critical” rating.

In Innovativeness, this rating is applied if vendors provide none or v ...

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5 Product/service evaluation

This section contains a quick rating for every product/service we’ve included in this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass document. For many of the pro ...

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5.1 Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs is a relatively young startup (2017) out of the San Francisco area. Their solution is focused solely on fraud reduction, covering the majo ...

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5.2 Broadcom Inc.

Broadcom’s entry in this market originated with Arcot Systems, a 3DS pioneer acquired by CA Technologies in 2010. Their solution offerings, Arcot fo ...

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5.3 Buguroo

Buguroo was founded in 2010 in Madrid. The company is backed by venture capital and is focused on behavioral biometrics and fraud reduction. They are ...

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5.4 Gurucul

Gurucul was founded in 2010 and is a privately-owned company headquartered in Los Angeles. Gurucul Fraud Analytics has functionality in all areas of F ...

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5.5 IBM

IBM’s FRIP solution is composed of Trusteer modules and makes use of IAM, QRadar and Resilient for security intelligence and incident response. The ...

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5.6 ID Dataweb

Virginia-based ID DataWeb was founded in 2011. AXN was developed to address a need for collecting authoritative attributes (ID proofing) for governmen ...

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5.7 Kaspersky

Kaspersky has been providing cybersecurity solutions for more than two decades. Though headquartered in Russia, Kaspersky has a global presence with t ...

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5.8 Neustar

Neustar is a privately held risk analytics company based in Sterling, VA. They were founded in 1998 as a spin-off of Lockheed Martin. They have acquir ...

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5.9 NuData Security

Mastercard acquired Vancouver-based NuData Security in 2017. NuDetect is their FRIP solution, which covers the areas of UBA, device intel, behavioral ...

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5.10 RSA Security

RSA is a leading global cybersecurity vendor. Their Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite is widely used in the finance sector, protecting over two billio ...

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5.11 Transmit Security

Transmit Security was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel with its US headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The company is self- ...

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5.12 TransUnion

TransUnion IDVision is their FRIP service, which leverages iovation, a Portland, OR based company launched in 2004. iovation is now a subsidiary of Tr ...

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6 Vendors and Market Segments to watch

Aside from the vendors covered in detail in this Leadership Compass document, we also observe other vendors in the market that we find interesting. So ...

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6.1 Forter

Forter was founded in 2013 in Tel Aviv. They specialize in various types of fraud prevention, including payments fraud, phone fraud, ATO protection, n ...

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6.2 Guardian Analytics

Guardian Analytics was founded in 2005 in the Bay Area. Fraud Cockpit & Business Intelligence and Fraud Detection Analytics & Intelligence are their r ...

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