KuppingerCole Report
Leadership Compass
By Richard Hill

Access Governance & Intelligence

The Access Governance (AG) market is continuing to evolve through more intelligent features. This Leadership Compass will give an overview and insights into the AG market, providing you a compass to help you find the products that can meet the criteria necessary for successful AG deployments.

1 Introduction

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass provides an overview of vendors and their product or service offerings in a particular market segment. This Leade ...

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1.1 Market Segment

Access Governance & Intelligence is an IAM focused risk management discipline that facilitates business involvement in the overall management of acces ...

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1.2 Delivery models

This Leadership Compass is focused on products that predominantly run on-premises, either at the customer site or hosted by a Managed Service Provider ...

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1.3 Required capabilities

When evaluating the products, we look at various aspects, including:

  • overall functionality
  • size of the company
  • number of customers
  • num ...
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2 Leadership

Selecting a vendor of a product or service must not only be based on the information provided in a KuppingerCole Leadership Compass. The Leadership Co ...

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2.1 Overall Leadership

When looking at the Leader segment in the Overall Leadership rating, we see a picture that is a typical representation of mature markets, where a cons ...

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2.2 Product Leadership

Product Leadership is the first specific category examined below. This view is mainly based on the analysis of service features and the overall capabi ...

Product Leadership, or in this case Service Leadership, is where we examine the functional strength and completeness of services. As Access Governanc ...

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2.3 Innovation Leadership

Next, we examine innovation in the marketplace. Innovation is, from our perspective, a key capability in all IT market segments. Customers require i ...

We have rated roughly half of the vendors as Innovation Leaders in the Access Governance (AG) market. Given the maturity of AG solutions, the amount o ...

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2.4 Market Leadership

Lastly, we analyze Market Leadership. This is an amalgamation of the number of customers, number of transactions evaluated, ratio between customers and managed identities/devices, the geographic distribution of customers, the size of deployments and services, the size and geographic distribution of the partner ecosystem, and financial health of the participating companies. Market Leadership, from our point of view, requires global reach.

The Market Leadership evaluation paints a different picture of vendors. With a group of leading, well-established Access Governance (AG) players, many others are new entrants or are rated low for several reasons, including limited market presence in certain geographies, limited industry focus, and relatively smaller customer base.

With a strong market position, successful execution, and strengthened AG product features, SailPoint, IBM, and One Identity are set to lead the Market Leadership evaluation from the front. Closely following these three vendors in the Market Leadership segment are (in alphabetical order) Broadcom, Micro Focus, Oracle, SAP, and RSA – all of which have several deep-rooted complex AG deployments across multiple industries. Grouped together next in this segment, are Saviynt, Omada, and EmpowerID – all but SailPoint have a broader IAM portfolio, which helps them upsell AG products to large customers.

In the Challenger section, we find Beta Systems, Evidian, and Hitachi ID close to the Leader segment. While we count them amongst Market Leaders in other areas of the overall AG market, their position in the AG market is affected by several factors, including limited global presence, and a shortage of technology partners with their AG product deployment being one of them. Following this group is Avatier, and Ilantus with Fischer Identity at the center. Brainwave E-Trust, Evolveum, Identity Automation, Nexis, and Simeio (in alphabetical order) appear closer to the bottom boarder.

In the Follower segment, we find Soffid - with considerable gaps in the specific areas we evaluate for Market Leadership of AG products, including the number of customers, average size of deployments, effectiveness of their partner ecosystem, etc.

Market Leaders (in alphabetical order):

  • Broadcom
  • EmpowerID
  • IBM
  • Micro Focus
  • Omada
  • One Identity
  • Oracle
  • RSA Security
  • SailPoint
  • SAP
  • Saviynt

3 Correlated View

While the Leadership charts identify leading vendors in certain categories, many customers are looking not only for a product leader, but for a vendor ...

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3.1 The Market/Product Matrix

The first of these correlated views contrasts Product Leadership and Market Leadership

Vendors below the line have a weaker market position than expected according to their product maturity. Vendors above the line are sort of “overperf ...

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3.2 The Product/Innovation Matrix

This view shows how Product Leadership and Innovation Leadership are correlated. It is not surprising that there is a pretty good correlation between ...

Vendors below the line are more innovative, vendors above the line are, compared to the current Product Leadership positioning, less innovative.

Her ...

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3.3 The Innovation/Market Matrix

The third matrix shows how Innovation Leadership and Market Leadership are related. Some vendors might perform well in the market without being Innova ...

Vendors above the line are performing well in the market compared to their relatively weaker position in the Innovation Leadership rating, while vendo ...

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4 Products and Vendors at a glance

This section provides an overview of the various products/services we have analyzed within this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass on Access Governance. ...

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In addition, we provide in Table 2 an overview which also contains four additional ratings for the vendor, going beyond the product view provided in t ...

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Table 2 requires some additional explanation regarding the “critical” rating.

In Innovativeness, this rating is applied if vendors provide none or v ...

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5 Product/service evaluation

This section contains a quick rating for every product/service we’ve included in this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass document. For many of the pro ...

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5.1 Avatier Identity AnyWhere

Avatier, based in California (US), is one of the few vendors that have demonstrated revolutionary changes to adapt to evolving market demands in the r ...

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5.2 Beta Systems Garancy IAM Suite

Beta Systems, based in Germany, offers Garancy IAM Suite consisting of Identity Manager, User Center, Process Center, Recertification Center, Data Acc ...

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5.3 Brainwave Identity GRC Platform

Brainwave, based in France, was founded in 2010. The company offers Brainwave Identity GRC as its core analytics based GRC solution. An extension to I ...

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5.4 Broadcom Symantec Identity Governance and Adminstration (IGA)

Broadcom, an American manufacturer of semiconductor and infrastructure software products company, acquired CA Technologies in late 2018 and acquired t ...

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5.5 E-Trust Horacius

E-Trust was founded in 1999 with headquartered in Brazil and having an initial focus on information security. Later in 2006, E-Trust launched their Id ...

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5.6 EmpowerID

Founded in 2005 and based in Ohio (US), it provides multiple products in a suite and offers EmpowerID as its Access Governance product. EmpowerID supp ...

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5.7 Evidian IGA

Based in France, Evidian is a dedicated business branch of the ATOS group within their Cybersecurity division since 2015, which is one of the leading ...

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5.8 Evolveum midPoint

Evolveum is an Open Source IAM vendor based in Slovakia. Their midPoint product is provided for free, but with a subscription for professional service ...

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5.9 Fischer Identity Suite

Fischer Identity offers Fischer Identity Suite comprising of several modules available as a bundled offering to deliver a broad range of governance ca ...

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5.10 Hitachi ID Identity Manager

Hitachi ID provides a product named Identity Manager, which integrates Identity provisioning and Access Governance, including strong support for SOD ( ...

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5.11 IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence

IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence is the successor of IBM Security/Tivoli Identity Manager (ISIM/ITIM) and one of the more mature produc ...

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5.12 Identity Automation RapidIdentity

Founded in 2004, Identity Automation introduced its RapidIdentity IAM solution later in 2010. In 2018, Identity Automation acquired HealthCast, a vend ...

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5.13 Ilantus Compact Identity

Ilantus, which started as a system integrator, has moved to provide offerings targeted at different types of customers. Their solution Compact Identit ...

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5.14 Micro Focus Identity Manager Suite

UK based Micro Focus offers Identity Manager suite aimed primarily at Identity Provisioning and lifecycle management, Identity Governance for Access G ...

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5.15 Nexis Controle

Nexis, based in Regensburg, Germany, offers Nexis Controle as its Access Governance offering. Controle, first released in 2014, builds on an innovativ ...

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5.16 Omada Identity

Omada, headquartered in Denmark, provides Omada Identity (formerly known as Omada Identity Suite) and Omada Identity Cloud as integrated Access Govern ...

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5.17 One Identity Manager

One Identity, based in California, is a Quest Software business. It owns the IAM portfolio that came from Dell Software. One Identity Manager, which h ...

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5.18 Oracle Identity Governance

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite is the on-premise offering within Oracle’s IAM portfolio. Oracle Identity Governance is Oracle's primary IGA ...

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5.19 RSA SecurID Suite

RSA, a leading provider of security solutions, offers RSA SecurID Suite, which includes RSA SecurID Access (Multi-factor Authentication, Access & SSO) ...

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5.20 SailPoint Predictive Identity Platform

SailPoint originally started as a vendor specialized in Access Governance, and significant technology and personnel investments in its Identity Provis ...

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5.21 SAP Access Control & Identity Access Governance

SAP has established a considerable IAM portfolio over the past few years, and its recent acquisition of Gigya shows its continued commitment to grow a ...

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5.22 Saviynt Security Manager

Founded in 2010 and based in California (US), Saviynt offers Saviynt Security Manager - Enterprise Identity Governance Administration as its IGA produ ...

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5.23 Simeio Identity Orchestrator

Founded in 2007, Simeio Solutions witnessed significant growth when shifting from its IAM system integration business into a full-fledged IDaaS servic ...

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5.24 Soffid IAM

Based in Spain and established in 2013, Soffid IAM provides an open-source Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Sof ...

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6 Vendors and Market Segments to Watch

Aside from the vendors covered in detail in this Leadership Compass document, we also observe other vendors in the market that we find interesting. So ...

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6.1 Imprivata

Imprivata is a digital identity company focused primarily on healthcare. Imprivata Identity Governance is a healthcare-specific identity governance an ...

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6.2 Kleverware

Kleverware is a French software company that started in 2005 and based in Paris, France. Kleverware customer base is primarily located in the EMEA reg ...

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6.3 N8 Identity

N8 Identity was founded in 200 and headquartered in located Burlington, Ontario, Canada. N8 Identity offers an Identity and Access Management/Governan ...

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6.4 SecurEnds

Founded in 2017, SecurEnds is a mid-size company with its headquarters in Atlanta, GA. SecurEnds security product portfolio includes Credential Entitl ...

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6.5 Tuebora

Tuebora, based in California, offers Tuebora Governance as its primary IGA product. One of the earliest IGA vendors to leverage machine learning techn ...

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6.6 Usercube

Founded in 2009, Usercube is a French software company delivering an IAM solution based on the Microsoft technology platform with capabilities solely ...

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