KuppingerCole Report
Leadership Compass
By Anmol Singh

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM), over the last few years, has evolved into a set of crucial technologies that addresses some of the most urgent areas of Cybersecurity today. Continuing the growth trajectory, the PAM market has entered a phase of consolidation characterized by increased price competition and an intensified battle for market share. This Leadership Compass provides a detailed analysis of the PAM market and its key players to help security and IAM leaders find the right product(s) that best fit their cybersecurity needs.

1 Introduction

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass provides an overview of vendors and their product or service offerings in a certain market segment. This Leadersh ...

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1.1 Market Segment

In the age of digital transformation, not only the requirements for IT, but also the way IT is done, are constantly evolving. To remain relevant, orga ...

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1.2 Required Capabilities

In this Leadership Compass, we focus on solutions that help organizations reduce the risks associated with privileged access, through individual or sh ...

We look at all types of products that support customers in solving the Privileged Access Management challenges fully or partially. This includes, e.g. ...

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2 Leadership

Selecting a vendor of a product or service must not be only based on the comparison provided by a KuppingerCole Leadership Compass. The Leadership Com ...

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2.1 Overall Leadership

When looking at the Leader segment in the Overall Leadership rating, we see a picture that is a typical representation of evolving markets, where ther ...

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2.2 Product Leadership

The first of the three specific Leadership ratings is about Product Leadership. This view is mainly based on the analysis of product/service features ...

Product Leadership is the view where we look specifically at the functional strength and completeness of products. Here, we find some more vendors tha ...

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2.3 Innovation Leadership

Another angle we take when evaluating products/services concerns innovation. Innovation is, from our perspective, a key capability in IT market segmen ...

When looking at Innovation Leadership, we see a different picture. While most vendors still show gaps in functional completeness, affecting the Produc ...

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2.4 Market Leadership

Finally, we looked at Market Leadership, i.e. the number of customers, the partner ecosystem, the global reach, and related factors affecting the lead ...

Here, we find CyberArk leading in the market leaders’ segment. CyberArk over these years has established itself as the most prominent vendor in the ...

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3 Correlated View

While the Leadership charts identify leading vendors in certain categories, many customers are looking not only for, say, a product leader, but for a ...

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3.1 The Market/Product Matrix

The first of these correlated views looks at Product Leadership and Market Leadership.

In this comparison, it becomes clear which vendors are better positioned in our analysis of Product Leadership compared to their position in the Marke ...

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3.2 The Product/Innovation Matrix

The second view shows how Product Leadership and Innovation Leadership are correlated. It is not surprising that there is a pretty good correlation be ...

Vendors below the line are more innovative, vendors above the line are, compared to the current Product Leadership positioning, less innovative. Here, ...

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3.3 The Innovation/Market Matrix

The third matrix shows how Innovation Leadership and Market Leadership are related. Some vendors might perform well in the market without being Innova ...

Vendors above the line are performing well in the market compared to their relative weak position in the Innovation Leadership rating, while vendors b ...

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4 Products and Vendors at a glance

This section provides an overview of the various products we have analyzed within this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass on Privileged Access Managemen ...

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4.1 Ratings at a glance

Based on our evaluation, a comparative overview of the ratings of all the products covered in this document is shown in this table.

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In addition, we provide in the second table an overview which also contains four additional ratings for the vendor, going beyond the product view prov ...

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The second table requires some additional explanation regarding the “critical” rating.

In Innovativeness, this rating is applied if vendors provide ...

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5 Product/service evaluation

This section contains a quick rating for every product/service we’ve included in this KuppingerCole Leadership Compass document. For many of the pro ...

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5.1 ARCON Privilege Account Management

Based in Mumbai (India), ARCON offers ARCON Privilege Account Management Suite to manage privileged access across a heterogenous mix of IT systems. AR ...

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5.2 BeyondTrust PAM

US based BeyondTrust, a long-established PAM vendor, now represents the combined entity resulting from the notable acquisitions of Lieberman Software, ...

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5.3 CA Privileged Access Management

New York based CA Technologies has enjoyed a rich and long history of being a leader in the Identity and Access Management market, mostly through the ...

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5.4 Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services

Based in the US, Centrify offers Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services (formerly Centrify Infrastructure Services) as its comprehensive privileged ac ...

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5.5 CyberArk Core Privileged Access Security

Headquartered in Israel and the US, CyberArk, has established itself as a leader in the Privileged Access Management market for a long time now. Origi ...

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5.6 EmpowerID PAM

Based in Ohio (US), EmpowerID offers several products within its broader IAM portfolio, of which EmpowerID Privileged Access Management (PAM) is its r ...

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5.7 FUDO Security PAM

Based in California, FUDO Security, previously Wheel Systems, offers FUDO PAM as its primary PAM product in the market. FUDO also offers FUDO Session ...

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5.8 Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

Hitachi ID, headquartered in Canada, is a global IAM software provider that originated as MTech Information Technology and was acquired by Hitachi in ...

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5.9 i-Sprint AccessMatrix Universal Credential Manager

Singapore based I-Sprint is an access management vendor that offers AccessMatrix Universal Credential Manager as its PAM product. With substantial pr ...

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5.10 Krontech Single Connect

Based in Turkey, Krontech is the technology arm of Kron which is publicly listed on Istanbul stock exchange. Krontech offers Single Connect PAM suite ...

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5.11 ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

Headquartered in Pleasanton, US, ManageEngine is a part of India-based Zoho Corporation that was founded in 1996. ManageEngine’s PAM product, Passwo ...

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5.12 Micro Focus NetIQ Privileged Account Manager

UK based Micro Focus offers Micro Focus Privileged Account Manager as its primary PAM product that derives its origin from Novell and later NetIQ code ...

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5.13 MT4 Networks SenhaSegura

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, MT4 Networks has several network management products of which Senhasegura is the flagship product. Comprised of multiple ...

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5.14 One Identity PAM

California-based One Identity, a Quest Software Business, offers a good range of products aimed at managing and securing privileged access for organiz ...

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5.15 Osirium PxM Platform

Based in UK, Osirium offers PxM platform that builds upon several products delivering privileged access management capabilities. This includes PAM (Pr ...

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5.16 Sectona Spectra

Founded in 2017, Mumbai (India) based Sectona is the youngest of PAM market entrants and offers Spectra Privileged Access Management as its PAM produc ...

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5.17 SSH.COM PrivX

Based in Helsinki, Finland, SSH.COM offers PrivX as its primary product in the PAM market. PrivX is a relatively new offering in the market by SSH.COM ...

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5.18 Thycotic Secret Server

Based in Washington D.C. (US), Thycotic offers Secret Server platform as its primary PAM offering in the market. Secret Server is known for its compre ...

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5.19 WALLIX Bastion

Based in France, WALLIX provides WALLIX Bastion as its primary PAM product in the market. At the core of Bastion is password management, session manag ...

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6 Vendors to watch

Besides the vendors covered in detail in this Leadership Compass document, we observe some other vendors that offer notable Privileged Access Manageme ...

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6.1 Deep Identity

Based in Singapore, Deep Identity is a regional provider of Identity Management software, offering Deep PIM as its primary PAM product which is essent ...

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6.2 Devolutions

Canada based Devolutions offers Devolutions Password Server as its primary PAM product that provides password vaulting and password management targete ...

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6.3 HashiCorp

San Francisco (US) based HashiCorp is a provider of application development and delivery management software for datacenters. Built on an open source ...

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6.4 HelpSystems

Based in Minnesota (US), HelpSystems is a provider of security solutions targeted at IBM i-Series infrastructure. Its PowerTech portfolio is aimed at ...

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6.5 IdentityAutomation

Houston (US) based IdentityAutomation is an IAM solution provider that offers RapidIdentity Privileged Access Management as its PAM product in the mar ...

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6.6 Iraje

India based Iraje offers Privileged Identity Manager (PIM) as a complete PAM solution with a compelling feature set and the flexibility to customize a ...

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6.7 MasterSAM

Singapore based MasterSAM, a part of Silverlake group, offers several separately licensed products aimed at managing privileged access. MasterSAM Star ...

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6.8 NRI Secure Technologies

Japan based NRI Secure Technologies offers SecureCube Access Check primarily providing Privileged Session Management (PSM) capabilities. Operating in ...

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6.9 ObserveIT

ObserveIT provides a comprehensive agent-based PSM platform that is deployable and scalable across a variety of IT systems. Offers detailed user behav ...

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6.10 OnionID

US based OnionID takes a differentiated approach to privileged access management by offering multiple delivery options including PAM-as-a-Service, on- ...

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6.11 Oracle

Based in California, Oracle is a popular and well-established software giant that offers Oracle Privileged Account Manager (OPAM) as its PAM product i ...

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6.12 Remediant

Remediant is a new market entrant that takes an entirely distinctive zero-trust approach to PAM. Remediant offers SecureONE as its agentless and vault ...

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6.13 Saviynt

California (US) based Saviynt is one of the leading providers of cloud based IGA services and makes its entry in the PAM market with a unique vault le ...

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6.14 SecureLink

Based in Austin, Texas (US), SecureLink is a provider of secure remote access solutions as a PSM product targeted at managing privileges for third par ...

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6.15 Venafi

US based Venafi offers TrustAuthority, a machine identity protection platform that also offers extensive SSH key management for securing privileged ac ...

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6.16 XTON Technologies

Based in US, XTON Technologies is another notable market entrant that offers Xton Access Manager targeted at the PAM requirements of mid-market segmen ...

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