KuppingerCole Report
Advisory Note
By Mike Small

Security Organization, Governance, and the Cloud

The cloud provides an alternative way of obtaining IT services that offers many benefits including increased flexibility as well as reduced cost. This document provides an overview of the approach that enables an organization to securely and reliably use cloud services to achieve business objectives.

1 Executive Summary

This report is one of a series of documents around the use of cloud services. It recommends how the governance of security and compliance for the use ...

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2 Highlights

This report provides recommendations for how the governance of security and compliance for cloud services should be organized and implemented. The hi ...

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3 Risk and Responsibility for Cloud Services

How the responsibility for security is shared between the CSP and the cloud customer depends upon the cloud service model and the risks depend upon th ...

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3.1 Cloud Service Models

There are several different kinds of service that can be delivered through the cloud. These can be described in terms of layers each providing more b ...

Figure 1 shows the various layers of cloud services these layers illustrate how the services build upon each other. The fact that the services build ...

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3.2 Shared Responsibility

The responsibility for security and compliance when using cloud services is shared between the cloud customer and the CSP.

How responsibility is ...

For IaaS services the CSP has no control over how the service is being used by the customer and is only responsible for securing the infrastructure us ...

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4 Cloud Challenges

There are four principle categories of risk from the use of cloud services – compliance, business continuity, data security and cyber security.

Ther ...

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4.1 Compliance Risks

Loss of compliance is the most prominent concern of organizations using cloud services.

Many organizations have invested heavily to ensure complianc ...

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4.2 Business Continuity

There are several ways in which using cloud services could impact on business continuity.

It is often claimed that the cloud provides flexibility; h ...

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4.3 Data Security

Using cloud services can make it more difficult to control legitimate access to data and increases the risks of data leakage.

The infrastructure upo ...

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4.4 Cyber Security

The scale of cloud services and their use of the Internet make them a potential target for cyber criminals.

The value of the cloud service to the C ...

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5 Cloud Governance

KuppingerCole recommends taking a good governance approach to all IT services and this is fundamental to securely embracing the cloud services and the ...

The governance process starts from business objectives and defines a policy for the IT services to deliver on those objectives. These lead to the pro ...

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6 Cloud Management

The governance-based approach to the use of cloud services must be implemented through managed processes covering their acquisition, security and assu ...

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6.1 Assess Organizational Readiness

The organization itself needs to be ready to use cloud services.

It is very hard to successfully outsource something if you do not fully understand ...

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6.2 Assess Application Readiness

Some kinds of IT applications and some types of data are more suitable than others for deployment in the cloud.

For these, the balance of the pot ...

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6.3 Cloud Service Procurement Process

Organizations must have a robust process for procuring cloud services.

This is necessary to ensure that cloud services are obtained to support def ...

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6.4 Defining the security and compliance controls

Not all risks are equal – you need to prioritize which risks are important and specify the controls needed to manage these.

KuppingerCole Advisory R ...

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6.5 Implementing the Controls

The cloud service customer must ensure that the controls for which it is responsible are implemented. However, since the delivery of the cloud serv ...

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7 Organization

The Future IT Paradigm by KuppingerCole, provides a standardized model which organizations can use to can use to implement their digital transformatio ...

Business Service Delivery focuses on providing exactly the services business needs, in the way business needs them, and at the time they are needed. ...

There are many organizational stakeholders and the future IT organization needs to engage with all of these to ensure success.

  • Risk and Comp ...
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8 Recommendations

Cloud services provide an important opportunity for organizations to implement digital transformation, get closer to their customers, increase flexibi ...

Organizations must take a governance led approach to cloud services.

Cloud services are outside the direct control of the customer organizatio ...

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