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Advisory Note

Emerging Technologies Fostering Digital Business Innovation: Utilities & Energy

The energy and utilities sector will need to adapt to new industry trends of digitalization, decentralization, and the advent of a new type of consumer: the prosumer. Smart grids are a more efficient offering for energy management, and new business models beyond the prosumer will require the partnership of different actors in the industry. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and IoT have can contribute to achieving these goals, but they are most impactful as supportive technologies that enable a deeper company transformation. [...]


Leadership Brief

The Information Protection Life Cycle and Framework: Control Access

The modern economy is driven by information. Digital Transformation is made possible by information. But most forms of information must be protected to create and maintain value. The Information Protection Life Cycle and Framework provides concepts to organize the discovery, protection, and disposition of information objects. This article is the third in the series introducing the Information Protection Life Cycle and Framework. [...]


Executive View

Vectra Cognito

Vectra Cognito is a Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform supported by threat research and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form machine learning (ML) and Deep Learning for analyzing enterprise network traffic on premise and in the cloud to detect and respond to malicious activity by adversaries, with threat investigation and threat hunting capability. [...]


Leadership Brief

What strategic role should Azure AD play in your org?

As access management and governance becomes more important for security and compliance reasons, businesses are looking for a single solution to manage both on-prem and cloud access. This Leadership Brief considers and strengths and weaknesses of Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory to help organizations decide whether or not this is a good strategic option to meet their specific needs. [...]