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Executive View

TrueFort Fortress XDR

TrueFort Fortress XDR is an application detection and response platform offering integrated application behavior analysis and security for real-time visibility into critical business applications, early detection of anomalous and malicious behaviors, and proactive tuning of security policies to prevent them from turning into data breaches. [...]


Leadership Compass

API Management and Security

This Leadership Compass provides an overview of the market for API management and security solutions along with recommendations and guidance for finding the products which address your requirements in the most efficient way. We examine the complexity and breadth of the challenges to discover, monitor and secure all APIs within your enterprise and identify the vendors, their products, services and innovative approaches towards implementing consistent governance and security along the whole API lifecycle. [...]



Digital Transformation for Business Enablement Requires a Modern Identity Fabric

Digital Identities are at the heart of the Digital Transformation. Without the ability to unify identities and manage the access of everyone to everything to every digital service effectively, transformation initiatives will fail. Business can’t afford to implement these capabilities on a per service basis – this will increase cost, slow down time-to-market and lead to new identity silos, resulting in a negative user experience. By setting up an Identity Fabric that delivers identity services to the new digital business services, organizations can meet the demand of Digital Transformation initiatives quickly, while enabling a gradual migration of their legacy IAM. [...]



Modern Identity Fabrics: A Cornerstone of your Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation is ubiquitous. Creating new digital business services changes the way IAM needs to be done. Instead of managing existing applications, IAM has to provide identity services that can be consumed by digital services. Focus is shifting from modern UIs for managing existing applications to APIs that provide the identity services. Modern Identity Fabrics must serve both needs and incorporate an Identity API Platform that delivers the API-based access that is required today. [...]