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IdentityIQ – SailPoint

IdentityIQ continues to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution to their identity management requirements. With the recent advances in predictive identity management, t...


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SailPoint Predictive Identity

SailPoint Predictive Identity est une plate-forme SaaS qui ajoute à l’IGA des capacités reposant sur l'IA . Cela concerne notamment l'analyse des risques d'accès, l'examen des droi...


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SailPoint Predictive Identity

SailPoint Predictive Identity ist eine SaaS-Plattform, die IGA um KI-basierte Funktionen erweitert. Dazu gehören unter anderem die Analyse von Zugriffsrisiken, Empfehlungen für die...


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SailPoint Predictive Identity

SailPoint Predictive Identity is a SaaS platform that adds AI-based capabilities to IGA. These include analysis of access risks, recommendations for approving or revoking entitleme...


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SailPoint IdentityIQ

SailPoint IdentityIQ is one of the leading products in the emerging market for Identity and Access Governance. The governance-based approach centralizes visibility and compliance,...


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SailPoint SecurityIQ

SailPoint SecurityIQ counts amongst the leading Data Access Governance solutions, providing tight integration into SailPoint IdentityIQ and thus delivering full Data Access Governa...



Governance for all data: Get a grip on unstructured data

While many businesses have solutions for managing and reviewing access at a coarse-grain, cross-system level in place as part of their Identity & Access Governance solutions, they...


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Identity as a Service: Cloud-based Provisioning, Access Gove...

Leaders in innovation, product features, and market reach for Identity as a Service offerings targeting full Identity and Access Management and Governance capabilities for employee...